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3 Things Must Do Before Book Hotel Online, You Won't Regret.

3 Thing Must Do Before Book Hotel Online, You Won't Regret.

        It is known that the behavior of tourists entirely changed; plan lead time, budget, Self-reliance, One thing has changed drastically is online hotel reservation. There are plenty provider of online reservations. Easy, confidential and comparable price. So many review on internet that complain about room they've got not match picture on website!. That's a point, how could it happened. Guest trap by entrepreneur or improvident.

1.Price and Tax 

          to promote the best comparable price, Trick they use for attration are always excluded vat or tax, that why you saw the lower price before billing. If you are tourist who budget base,hotel price list comparison must the same condition; include or exclude tax. Keep this issue carefully if you want to save cost.

2.Hotel Policy 

            Another factor effect the price is guarantee policy. This is important issue you must bear in mind when make the reservation.

- Free Cancellation; the most flexible policy that you can cancel the booking without charge! But look carefully free cancel before when; normally 1 month, If you no-show the fully amount of reservation will be charge. Free cancellation policy always comes with the more expensive price.

 - 1st night charge; Cancellation Any Day will be 1 Night Charge. A credit card required 1 night charge to confirm and guarantee your reservation.

 - Non-Refundable;For certain (non-refundable) rates or special offers, please note that accommodation providers may require that payment is made upfront by wire transfer (if available) or by credit card, and therefore your credit card may be pre-authorised or charged (sometimes without any option for refund) upon making the reservation. Please check the room details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation.

some complain review or topic from tripadvisor This is what happen!

Non-refundable rooms on
 Apr 06, 2013, 6:38 PM
 EBC1950 Oakland, California
          "OK, first I will say that the mistake was mine. I was making reservations for a trip to the UK this summer through, and I accidentally pushed the button for a non-refundable room rate at Pullman Hotel St. Pancras. I didn't realize it until a week later, when I had to change my visit to London to the beginning of the trip rather than the end. I called, told them my error and asked if they could negotiate a move to earlier in July (there are rooms available-I checked) and of course I expected to pay an upcharge. No dice. It is hard for me to understand why the hotel's policy is so punitive, as the difference between non-refundable and refundable is not that great. I also contacted the hotel directly, and they wouldn't budge. Leaves a bad taste, to say the least."

Look this Reply
 Bungle73 Kent, UK
 Re: Non-refundable rooms on
 Apr 06, 2013, 8:07 PM
          "They won't because you booked a non-changeable rate. The rules are pretty clear. The fault lies with you, not them. Maybe next time you'll be more careful when you book, and double check everything before committing." type image

          Quickly review on many accommodation, you will saw only the generic image overall of hotel. Don't judge it would be the room you will get with the price you pay. Take a minute to recheck the detail of specific room type information; size, location, view, facility. To avoid unexpected thing.

   Then you've know the way to book hotel without any unexpected thing. If you are looking for accommodation in Koh Samui, Thailand or information of this great island SAMUI-BLOGGER always welcome! check it out.
Jakrawoot AonkAew

Jakrawoot AonkAew

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