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Sports & Activities on Koh Samui
  Koh Samui is a Thai island which many people visit to relax and unwind. Other people visit the island because they want to experience a different culture or you could even be travelling to enjoy some fantastic sports and activities you've never tried before. Here we're looking at some of the more extreme activities you can try when out in Koh Samui. Many of these do need booking in advance or you can find more information when you arrive from your holiday operator.

To avoid disappointment, it's best to ask about activities that need to be booked when you are initially arranging your accommodation and flights. This is particularly important if you're visiting in high season. In quieter times of the year be prepared to be told certain activities won't be running.

Bungee Jumping

Yes, you can bungee jump anywhere but in Koh Samui there's a 50 metre high bungee constructed especially over a specially designed plunge pool. You can jump solo or opt to do it in tandem or even go for a dunk and bungee option where you can soak yourself completely. It's not for the faint hearted and thrill seekers of all ages will want to give it a go. Trained and experienced staff are on hand too for further support and guidance if necessary.

Koh Samui Bungee Jump book hotel koh samui online

Mountain Biking

If you're a biking enthusiast at home then don't give up your hobby on holiday. Travelling around the isle on mountain bike can be a fantastic way to explore the island and there are a number of organised tours, many starting from Taling Ngam. There are a range of tours, some for more experienced cyclists than others.

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Water zorbing has become really trendy and it's an exhilarating experience everyone should try if they get the chance. Zorbing in Koh Samui involves rolling down one of the isles slopes and left to roll free. Speed up and down and round the hills and see if you can stand up after it all! Some zorbing balls are fills with a little water too for even more fun. Samui Water Ball is based in Maenam and this is your chance to Zorb in Koh Samui.

Zorbing at Koh samui water ball book hotel koh samui online


Koh Samui has a dedicated shooting rang in Baphut and it's a fun, safe shooting experience for thrill seekers. There are a wide range of weapons to choose from and an exciting range of options too. The level of safety and security is high and trained professionals supervise every session to ensure the high levels are maintained.

Koh Samui shooting samui activity book hotel koh samui online

Whatever activity takes your fancy you can find out more information online. There are many other activities for different types of traveller across Koh Samui including snorkelling, elephant trekking and what you do is completely down to your personal preferences and the memory you want to make.

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