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Koh Samui Sports And Activities

Koh Samui Sports And Activities

           Koh Samui offers a abundance of sports and leisure activities both on land and in the surrounding waters. Some visitors come to Samui solely to unwind, and lazing on the beach fits in perfectly with that plan. Others may have an entirely different agenda, with sport as their aim for a holiday full of activity. But no matter what their reasons are for visiting the island, Samui can provide activities to suit all its visitors.

Koh Samui Sports And Activities

If you’ve come for a relaxing holiday and have been lazing on the beach for a few days, but are now looking for something a bit more energetic to occupy some of your free time, then Samui can offer a variety of water sports. There’s the increasingly popular new water board sport of SUP, (Stand Up Paddle-boarding) which works on core strength and is a great way to surf the small waves of Samui. Then there’s kite-boarding which gives you the chance to actually fly above the waves. There are schools on the island offering courses in both sports.

Kayaking, meanwhile, is a gentler way to explore the waters and beaches around Samui, and the basics are very easy. There are also tours to nearby islands, the Angthong National Marine Park being the most popular and closest, if you fancy making a day of it. Under the water there’s lots of exploring to be done as well with snorkelling, diving, and the new craze of sea walking. Who knows you may be lucky and come across a dolphin or a whale shark – both are indigenous to the region.

If you’d prefer to get away from the beach and have a look inland, you can explore the jungle and the greenery of the island. If you ever fancied flying through the tree tops then you can do just that with zip-lining, or if you’ve ever wanted to ride an elephant then now is your chance. There are also jungle treks that take you up into the mountains where you can explore the wonderful waterfalls of the island and its rainforests. There are some amazing viewpoints with bird’s-eye views all the way down to the coast line. The elephant rides and treks certainly make for a fun family vacation.

For those that are more sport orientated or want to keep up with their work-outs, there are several gyms on the island, with the standard training machines, while many hotels have their own. Or if you’re interested, there are several Muay Thai training camps, which will give you the basics of the sport and a rigorous work-out. Yoga is extremely popular on Samui with a variety of types offered at the many schools on the island, so there is bound to be one that fits in with your level or preference. Some spas and hotels have their own yoga instructors whom you can hire for an hour or so for a private lesson. Some spas also offer classes on the beach if guests wish to participate. The ancient Korean martial art of Taekwondo is also proving to be extremely popular with children around the island and there are schools in most towns now.

Or perhaps you like dancing and would like a few lessons from a professional? You can find dance classes for both adults and children in such areas as salsa, tango, jazz-modern dance as well as contemporary, and there’s also ballet for children. You can also find salsa nights at dance clubs were you can just join in on the night and let your hair down.

When it comes to learning, many choose to spend a half day at a Thai cooking school in order to take a little taste of Thai cuisine home with them. It’s a great way to become familiar with Thai herbs, vegetables and fruits and the exotic combinations that make up the unique spiciness of Thai food.

Golf is a timelessly popular sport and for golfers. There are three courses to enjoy on the island, all set in the beautiful lush green landscape of the interior of the island. Or if you wish to just perfect that swing then there are also a couple of driving ranges.

Cycling is also popular and there are mountain bikes for rent around Samui. They can be a great way to see places that otherwise you’d miss, and you can trek into the interior of the island with its wonderful and lush scenery.

Or you can just cycle through the back streets and around the villages meeting local people and perhaps coming across a few hidden temples and shrines. For a more rugged form of biking there’s always quad biking.

If you have children you can take them go-karting, or bowling, or to a waterpark and keep them amused for a few hours, and who knows maybe you’ll find yourself joining in too. Or maybe you’d like to visit one of the local attractions that feature some of Thailand’s indigenous animals and birds as well as its marine life, reptiles, snakes and crocodiles?

So when you’ve tired of lazing on that white sandy beach then there’s still lots to keep you occupied, no matter how young or old you are, or where your interests lie. For a small island, Samui packs a mighty punch when it comes to sports and activities.

Jakrawoot AonkAew

Jakrawoot AonkAew

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