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Samui Rescue locate two tourists lost in the mountains

KOH SAMUI   At around 10pm on Saturday 11th Samui Rescue received a report from Hanzar Hotel in Bohput Fishermans village to report that that two of their guests were lost in the mountain area between Manam and Lamai.
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As soon as the calcame in all rescue teams plus other government forces such as the Royal Thai police and the Tourist police set out to search.

At around 0000 hrs team managed to speak to the lost couple from the Ukraine. With help from the GPS from the tourists phone in a Ber low reception area the Samui rescue Wat plai Leam were about to pin point their location using google maps.

At around 0100 am the team were only able to continue their search by 4×4 but spotted the couple stranded in a Toyota Vios in the middle of the mountains.

When they reached the couple they told the team that they had been in the car for a very long time and had gone to eat at the Peak Eye View Restaurant before trying to navigate their way back through the mountains.

The rescue teams brought the couple to a safe point in the road where they were greeted by about 30 concerned rescue workers, police and news teams. The couple where returned to their hotel by the police while their hire car was taken care of.

— Samui Times 2015-10-12
Jakrawoot AonkAew

Jakrawoot AonkAew

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