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Visa Requirements Koh Samui, Thailand

Visa Requirements Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand Visa Requirements
Visa Requirements Koh Samui, Thailand

          Visitors entering Thailand get a 30-day entry stamp when arriving by air or 15 days when arriving by land. If you plan to stay longer, get a 60-day or longer tourist visa at a Thai embassy before arriving in Thailand. This can either be done in your home country, or at most Thai consulates, but cannot be obtained within Thailand. Once in Samui, should you want to extend your Thailand adventure, and need to do a visa run or border bounce, Malaysia is the nearest bordering country. To clarify, a visa run entails going to a Thai embassy or consulate to get a new visa. A border bounce is for those who have multiple entry visas, and have to exit the country every 90 days in order to reactivate their visas.

It is possible to extend a tourist visa one time only, by 30 days and this can be done at immigration in Nathon on Samui. Located at the crossroad on the road going to Nathon Hospital, 1 kilometer before Nathon coming from Lamai. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 4.30pm. Other types of visas available include the B1 (business visa) ED (education visa) and Non-immigrant O visa, usually for dependants or those married to a Thai citizen. Note that the only visa one may legally work on, is the B1 visa, and a work permit needs to be linked to this.

Visa runs are big business from Samui, and just about every second shop and will sell visa run packages, both those to a city and consulate for new visas, as well as the more straightforward border bounces. An average cost for a full visa run, which involves one night over, is around 4500 baht from Samui to Malaysia, including accommodation and transport, but excluding visa costs. A border bounce costs on average between 1600 – 2000 baht and this is a same day affair, albeit an exceptionally long and tedious day. It is also possible to drive yourself to Malaysia, but note that most hire car companies will not let you take the car out of the country, and there is a paperwork required regarding the car, as well as changing number plates from Thai to English.

The most popular border crossing for these visa trips is the one at Sadao, about 1 ½ hours past Hat Yai. This trip involves collection from where you are staying, a trip on a ferry, followed by a ride in an air-conditioned bus to Hat Yai. From there, you are transferred into a minibus, and taken either just to the border for a border bounce, or further on to Penang. It is best to go with a reputable visa run company such as Easy Way, or Herbert’s Burger and Visas - the name is derived from the burgers he serves as lunch en route.

Herbert chooses to go to another border crossing a little bit more west, closer to Satun. It's called Khuan Don (Thai side) or Wang Kelian (Malay side). This border post is far more laid-back than the Sadoa one. Exit Thailand, walk 50m, enter Malaysia. Take two steps to the window next door and exit Malaysia before walking back the 50m to re-enter Thailand.

Herbert +66 (0) 818 933 859 Easy Way Visa Runs +66 (0) 7724 7246 Samui Immigration +66 (0) 7742 1069

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