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Chak Phra Festival, Koh Samui, Surat-thani November 2015

Chak Phra Festival - Surat-thani 

         Celebrates the return of Buddha from heaven to earth and to be greeted by multitudes. Celebration takes place every year immediately after the end of 3 month rain retreat, about October. It is celebrated in many parts of southern Thailand, but especially in Surat Thani. The evening prior to Chak Phra Day, billboards are erected showing Buddha's story around the city and celebrations continue day and night. On land, the splendidly adorned floats are pulled across the town by the participants. At the same time, on water a float decorated with colourful Thai designs carries the Buddha image. Chak Phra festivities conclude with a boat race and traditional games.

 Wat Lamai - Decorated boat which contain the Buddha image.

Way Phra Lan - from Mea-nam,

Even the it rain, most of Thai and foreigner still crowded .

       Kratin Tree -  The Thord Gathin Festival or Thod Kathin (Thai: ทอดกฐิน) is a traditional Buddhist festival celebrated in Isan (northeast Thailand), Cambodia, and Laos. Colorful parades and offering ceremonies at the end of monks' retreat at local temples. On Ok Phansa Day of the full moon, villagers and city dwellers go to their local temple for prayers and to pay respect to sacred relics. Ok Phansa is also the beginning of a 30-day period of merit-making which affords a special opportunity for prayers to Buddha and for the presentation of gifts to the monks for preserving the faith. This 30-day span of merit making and religious gift giving is referred to as Thord Pha Gathin.

       Thord Gathin takes its name from the "laying down" of new robes to the monks. The offering of new, saffron robes to the monks is particularly meritorious and important. Other gifts to the monks may include basic utensils, toiletries, writing materials, and food .

       Gift-giving is an act of appreciation and gratitude to the monks. Individuals or community groups (such as a village) may perform them. Many villagers combine efforts by collecting cash donations for the maintenance of their local temple. Such donations are vividly arranged on a "money tree" which looks rather like a colourful Christmas tree bedecked with banknotes as the "foliage". The money tree is ceremoniously paraded to the temple, led by a team of drummers and musicians, with the villagers carrying their own individual gifts on trays bringing up the rear. In this way at Thord Gathin, the lay-people of Thailand reaffirm their faith and, in a joyous fashion, bring gifts to Buddha and his servants.

How to attract people to make the merit? Something special outstanding require now a day. This is The woman doll, Robot actually. She always automatically move her hand up and down; body language means Thank you.

Show and Entertainment - Another thing that persuade people to enjoying the ceremony. Thai Dance Show, Thai Folk Song, Thai Folk concert.

What to eat in The Chak Phra Festival, Koh Samui, Surat-thani November 2015.
Of course, 50% (or more) of event area belong to food stand. Many menu of local recipe.

Khanom Buang - Crispy and thin pancake; top with sweet cream which made from white eggs. Top again with sweet eggs fuzz; yellow one. The orange one made from minced coconut, honestly I don't know how to be cooked but the taste being salty and sweetly.

Meet balls -

Fried insects - 
        Eating fried insects appears on the priority list of most daring travelers, something you should try at least once and take a photo so you can proudly exhibit it once back home. This only goes for the brave ones
Jakrawoot AonkAew

Jakrawoot AonkAew

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