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Loy Krathong Festival, Koh Samui, Thailand 25 November 2015

Hi, how was your day? Where have you LOY KRATHONG ? Me, at the end of Chaweng Beach where I work. Fortunately very nice weather yesterday evening, clear sky, nice moon, nice beach.

Let talk about Loy Krathong festival, Im Thai but never getting serious to specific learning about history haha. Once in Su-Kho-Tai period The queen has idea to create thing represent of Thank, Honor and apologize  to The goddess of water. Inspiring from lotus and flowers; Krathong the original version made from the trunk of banana tree for base of Krathong. Banana leaf to roll like a leaves of lotus, then decorate inside with flower. In Thai believe putting nail and hair scrap float away with KRATHONG; to remove one's bad luck. I did also. That all I know !

Because of full moon night and great weather I rarely see the foreigner. Guess Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan more interesting !!! Right ? don't you think so?

Jakrawoot AonkAew

Jakrawoot AonkAew

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