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Top 10 Samui Viewpoint EP.1, Big Buddha View Point.

Big Buddha View Point, Samui Viewpoint 

How many time you've visited temple while your vacation in Thailand?. If your are being expect to be the same other temple, Big Buddha temple will prove you the exceptional! with the enormous statue of the Buddha, The great view of Bang-rak bay.

Big Buddha Temple not just general temple you have seen for sure, with the kind Statue; serpent behind, represent to another version of Buddha.Concern to around the area is water, reflect to the art of decoration and historical of Buddha. Such as Serpent or Naga, the ancient snake who appeared on every part of Buddha historical.

Climbing step of stair, there are some trick, walk on the shadow of the handle to avoid your feet burnt.

To get the best view of Bang-rak pier, beside the Statue pavilion would be great. After tried day of touring the island, find the place to relax  or enjoy the view of sunset, Big Buddha will be recommend!

To get to Big Buddha, drive north along Bangrak coast road until turning point, notice the large temple gate, let see the map.
Jakrawoot AonkAew

Jakrawoot AonkAew

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